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About Diamond T Jewelers

  We opened our the doors of Diamond T Jewelers on September 1st of 1993.  However, the experience began over a decade prior....


  Our founder, Ted Benfield, began rockhounding in the Blue Ridge Mountains during the late 70’s. After years of collecting numerous rough gemstones he found it was time to learn the details of bringing out the natural beauty of each stone by learning to facet, or cut them. For most of the early 80’s Ted cut these colored gemstones and sold them to friends and acquaintances.

  In 1982 Ted caught a strange disease that caused him to have a constant fever. This illness was diagnosed as “gold fever”. This “gold fever” causes it’s victims to constantly search for the precious yellow metal. Ted had completely succumbed to this fever traveling near and far hoping to find that illusive vein or giant nugget that Mother Earth may hold. 

  Ted never found that giant nugget, but accumulated quite a bit of tiny ones during his search.

The next step in Ted’s journey, much like his journey with gemstones, was to turn this raw gold into physical jewelry. Beginning around 1985 Ted learned to cast. Casting is the process of melting gold and transforming it into rings, pendants or other types of jewelry. Mastering this craft was the final step in learning to create fine, handmade jewelry.

  During these years, repairing jewelry became the “bread and butter” of Ted’s future business. The repairs were, ultimately, paying the bills as Ted was constantly searching, learning and carefully crafting his skill. Along the way he became an expert jewelry repairman, taking on repairs for 7 other local jewelry stores. This all lead to the opening of his very own store, Diamond ‘T’ Jewelers, that would appropriately feature each and every one of Ted’s skills.

In 1993 Ted brought his son, Clint, on board to handle the daily task of running the store along with assisting customers.  Clint sells diamonds and consults with customers requesting custom designs.  Ted still does the repairs and makes some custom pieces for old acquaintances.  


  Located in Downtown Morganton, NC, Diamond T Jewelers has grown from a small 

custom shop to a full service jewelry store, specializing in colored stones, diamonds, jewelry repair and most recently, purchasing old gold, silver, diamonds and coins.



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